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Whole Person

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Chris Hayes 

Naturopath & Director of Enheal

I am here to help you enjoy better health.

Everybody is susceptible to stress, illness and injury. 
Enheal offers integrated Naturopathy and Bodywork services to heal and energise your whole well-being.

We provide clinical treatments for a range of health concerns, including fatigue, stress, back pain, and
weight management.

Relieve Low Back Pain

Mobod - Mobilize and energize your body.

Enheal well-being services include Mobod technique.
Mobilize your joints and ease deep seated spinal compression. 
Mobod can relieve chronic mechanical low back pain, alleviate sciatica and help you prevent osteoarthritis. 
This whole-body mobilization treatment feels great as it releases musculoskeletal tension and frees you to perform at your best.
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