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Back pain, neck pain, sports injury, musculoskeletal disorders, even deep-seated stress from an emotional trauma may be remedied with sessions of appropriate bodywork.

Musculoskeletal problems that are commonly corrected or improved with bodywork include:

Don't live in the dark - Diagnose

Pain and restricted mobility are the common symptoms of musculoskeletal problems and may present in over a hundred different conditions. For you to get an accurate diagnosis, you may need to persevere in an extended process of information gathering, testing and interpretation of clinical findings before any definitive cause of your condition is affirmed.

In many cases, diagnosis of a musculoskeletal condition can be relatively straightforward.  Painful carpal tunnel syndrome for instance has characteristic symptoms and clinical signs that are readily discerned in comparison with pain radiating into the hand from structures in the neck.

In other cases, for example back-related leg pain, the condition may be quite complex to diagnose. Clinical manifestations can be highly variable and x-rays or MRI don't always help, especially where there are false positive findings.

To get an accurate diagnosis for your condition be prepared that extensive expert attention in neurological examination and differential diagnosis may be required before a precise cause is finally determined.

Low back pain

People often turn to a bodywork therapy when they are in chronic pain, especially persistent low back pain.[1]

In Australia low back pain is the most frequent musculoskeletal condition that general practitioners encounter, which in up to 95% of cases will be diagnosed as non-specific low back pain.[2]

In about 5% of presenting cases, low back pain can be a symptom of a more serious specific condition such as; fracture, infection, tumour, abdominal aneurysm, kidney stone or cauda equina syndrome so it is imperative if there is persistent pain that you seek a qualified clinical diagnosis and also ensure bodywork is not contraindicated.

For cases where non-specific low back pain has been diagnosed, it is worth noting that current medical guidelines disfavour drug therapy and recommend against surgery. Guidelines now rather emphasise self management, exercise and effective bodywork.[3]

Enheal approach

At Enheal, diagnosis is approached from a whole person standpoint.
Understanding the relevance of the problem to your lifestyle, relationships and work is an essential part of the process.

Specific musculoskeletal complaints are clinically investigated using evidenced-based diagnostic criteria, differentials and screening tools.

Recognising patterns of whole-body biomechanics, including axial asymmetry, pelvic torsion and hyper-tonic muscles, combined with naturopathic assessment of your metabolic status, as contributing factors to your specific condition, distinguish the Enheal approach.

Be in control

Whatever your case may be, no one knows your body better than you in terms of symptoms, course of your condition or response to treatment.

At Enheal we encourage you to take charge of your health and the professional services you engage. Remember, more information is better than less and second opinions are always your prerogative.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain, that is presumed non-specific or is non-responsive to one treatment, may well have a cause that is made clear by further clinical analysis or may improve with a different therapy.

At Enheal our commitment, working alongside allied professionals, is to help you determine underlying causes, get an accurate diagnosis and be in control of effective treatments to resolve your particular problems.

Freedom of movement

Bodywork, as in manual therapy, generally refers to an array of approaches used in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

In western medical history manual therapy has been practised since the time of Hippocrates. Today it is manifest in the professional disciplines of physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, myotherapy and other hands-on healing practices.

Bodywork as a therapeutic term encompasses manual therapy but may also denote non-touch therapies such as alexander, feldenkrais and yoga, which all share a common intent of helping you attain and maintain painless freedom of movement within your body.

Tune-up so you don't breakdown

Have you ever experienced sudden back or neck pain with no obvious reason? Woke with an acute discomfort. Bent over to pick something up, tie your laces and abruptly were constricted in spasm. Unable to move.

Reports of such rapid, reflexive onsets are common. This is because overburdens of bio-mechanical stress and micro injury to tissues accumulate and the self-healing powers of the body can only cope with so much, leaving one susceptible to structural fatigue and sudden musculoskeletal failures.

The body is a bio-mechanical vehicle. A machine of component bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Like a car or an aircraft, timely checks and preventative maintenance are key if you wish to avoid breakdowns and ensure your body works reliably.

If you are wise and wish to identify minor issues before they deteriorate into a painful costly incapacity, a 'tune-up' with a bodywork professional can ease your bio-mechanical stress, counteract excessive joint loading and balance your structure so you can keep moving and perform better.

Benefits to professional performers

Bodywork, particularly massage, mobilisation and manipulation are routinely used by athletes, professional sports players and live performance artists.

Bodywork can help muscle tone, flexibility and biomechanics.  It is applied to heal injury, reduce recovery time and lower the chance of injury. Its ultimate advantage is to increase endurance and support better performance.

Winning reasons for you or anybody interested in their health to benefit from suitable bodywork.

Feel better with a treatment

Discover how much better you may feel with your musculoskeletal problems relieved and stress levels reduced after a bodywork treatment.

At Enheal we offer bodywork services to treat common acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems.

Physical examinations include structural evaluation, movement assessment, palpation and orthopaedic tests to detect functional inadequacies before they become more serious issues.

Each bodywork treatment is a combination of alignment, mobilisation and massage personalised for your specific needs. All remedial procedures are reliably safe, comfortable and relaxing.

If you wish to experience the benefits of an Enheal bodywork treatment book an appointment now.

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