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Back pain - a new approach

If you have chronic back pain Mobod offers you a new approach to obtain relief.

People most frequently suffer back pain because of musculoskeletal strain, restricted joints or spinal compression, in the lower back region where most of the body’s weight is absorbed.

In the lower back (lumbar) region load forces and muscular tension compress down and pull forward on the lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and pelvis. Overloading can then cause painful muscle strains, ligament sprains or more serious conditions such as nerve impingement, disc herniation, compression fracture, osteoarthritis and spondylolisthesis.

A Mobod treatment will counteract the degenerative load forces that affect your lumbar region with mobilizations applied through the front of your body to decompress and reverse the forward displacement of the spine and pelvis.

Mobod mobilizations relieve overloaded and restricted joints as well as disperse muscular tensions that are the usual causes of back pain.

Release stress

Mobod therapy is inherently relaxing.

During a treatment you simply recline back on a special treatment table in loose comfortable clothes and allow the practitioner to apply a series of rhythmic mobilizations, which are very much like the motions used to rock a cradle and induce a baby to sleep.

As you rest supine, the rhythmic mobilizations are applied in a precise way by the practitioner to quell reactive reflexes and release stress held in your joint ligaments and muscles.

A full treatment takes about 45 minutes and starts with specific mobilizations to release deep-seated tensions in the lumbar-pelvic region and associated muscles such as the iliospoas and quadratus lumborum. The practitioner will then mobilise the rest of your body releasing strain from your diaphragm, bringing motion into the thorax as well as freeing tensions from the shoulder girdle and cervical region.

After a Mobod stress release treatment your whole body and frame of mind will feel lighter and easier.

Mobod - Mobilize and energize your body

Life is movement and health a dynamic balance of moving elements.
Mobod brings motion to parts of your musculoskeletal system prone to be constricted.

Gravity presses down on joints. It squashes discs. It stresses ligaments. Gravity pulls forward when you lift and carry loads. It strains muscles and tightens tendons. The cumulative effects can be lordosis, kyphosis, pelvic torsion, vertebral compression, patterns of compensatory muscle stress, restricted movement, degenerative changes and pain.

The distinctive anatomic approach of Mobod is through leverage points at the front of your body.
This approach allows release of patterns of constriction with mobilisations directed upward and backward to counter the detrimental chronic musculoskeletal effects of gravity.

Mobod uses rhythmic rocking (resonant harmonic motion) coupled with constant impelling forces directed with precision to moderate reflexes, release stressed muscles and induce mobility into your joints.

Perform at your best

If you are an athlete, sports player or live performance artist, Mobod treatments can help you perform at your best.

Mobod treatments increase range of motion in joints and decrease muscle tension. These effects on flexibility help your muscles to work more effectively, which improves coordination and reduces the likelihood of cramps and general soreness.

To enhance efficiency of your golf swing for example, Mobod mobilizations can increase range of motion in all the joints involved from ankles, hips, spine through elbows and wrists.

If you are a cyclist, runner or jumper, Mobod may also boost your performance as the therapy is exceptionally effective at releasing restrictive hip flexors, especially tight psoas and iliacus muscles.

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