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Christopher Hayes

BHSc - Naturopathy

Hello I am Chris.

Welcome to Enheal where I provide expert natural therapy services to help you enjoy better health.

As a health professional, my story began with studying yoga in 1977 with esteemed teacher Margrit Segesman at Gita International, from where I was awarded a Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 1991.

I then apprenticed myself through the 1990s to intensively learn healing skills with Dr. Nachman (Neil) Guriel, a highly gifted, recondite Naturopath/Chiropractor from L.A. and I eventually practised musculoskeletal mobilization techniques at his clinic in Armadale, Victoria, Australia.

In 1999 I graduated with a Health Science Degree in Naturopathy from Southern School of Natural Therapies and soon after started my own practice helping clients with naturopathy, nutrition, remedial massage and mobilization.

During my earlier years around self funded study I also worked in engineering and supervised large theatre crews doing high risk rigging work. I got quite involved with the demands of show business. I headed Production Operations at Arts Centre Melbourne , managed a Registered Training Organisation and developed nationally certified courses that improved entertainment industry health and safety.

With a broad range of experience and I enjoy relating to individuals from many walks of life. I like the sciences, arts and travel.
My driving passion is however in offering expert services as a Naturopath at Enheal and assisting people to come to terms with themselves, surmount health challenges and have greater well-being.

I have specialist interests in metabolism, nutrition and bio-mechanics.

I am a member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

In clinical practice I especially like helping improve men's health.



We are born free and equal in dignity, endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of love.
- UN Declaration of Human Rights

Enheal guiding principles are:
Respect and connect with people. Care for the natural world.
Encourage the taking of responsibility for freedom and enjoyment -
in physical functioning, independent thinking, spiritual consciousness and creative living.

Provide the highest service to clients through a whole person, well-being practice that emphasises:

  • natural holistic healing for freedom from pain and disease
  • scientific physiological reasoning for effective treatment of pathology
  • manual therapy, exercise and yoga for maintaining pain free physical mobility
  • educational empowerment to help people make informed choices for their own health and happiness

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